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Dear Saints,


We rejoice together in the announcement by our President on Tuesday, 26 May that the church and it’s leaders will be recognised as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE! Our Government acknowledges the important role the Church plays with our care, support, prayers and feeding of the hungry. Everyone, including you as our precious family, have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way or other. Being locked down has been a trying time and we are thankful that with level 3 so many now have the ability to provide for their families. We will continue to pray, serve and be here for each one of you, especially those who still cannot return to work.


As DCC South Pastors and Elders we have decided to commence with a weekly one hour Walk-in Church Service at the DCC Wentworth, Bluff and Fynnlands Churches starting on Sunday the 26th of July 2020 at 9am!

Here are some Walk-in Church regulations:

1. Only pedestrians will be given access.

2. Only 50 people are permitted at each venue. This will be on a first come first serve bases. We encourage you to arrive early to avoid disappointment. 

3. Everyone will be screened according to regulatory screening requirements and must sanitize their hands upon arrival.

4. Everyone must wear a mask at all times during the service and there will be no social interaction such as handshakes, hugging or contact. (Husband and wives, may sit together)

5. It is imperative that you only sit at allocated seating which has been strategically marked for the regulation of social distancing.

6. We ask you please remain in your seat for the entire duration of the service.

7. You are required to maintain social distancing at all times. 

8. Once the service is finished the building must be exited. There will be no social gathering after service ends and we kindly ask that everyone exit the premises whilst maintaining social distance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1. What must I bring to the Church service?

Answer: Please bring your Face mask and Bible.

Question 2. Can I come in my vehicle?

Answer: Only pedestrians will be granted access at the entrance.

Question 3. Can I come if I have a cold or flu but keep my mask on?

Answer: We request you please remain at home and livestream the service on Facebook or YouTube. 

Question 4. Can I quickly greet my friends before finding my seat?

Answer: We have been given strict regulations and should we be caught contravening them, we risk shutting down the Services. Please greet your friends and relatives from a safe distance.

Question 5. Can I stand and participate in Praise and Worship?

Answer: You may stand at your seat and lift your hands in worship however it is required that you keep your mask on at all times.

Question 6. Can I give my offering at the Service?

Answer: You may sow your seed Cash, via EFT, Zapper and PayPal. 

Question 7. Can I use the ablutions during service?

Answer: Public restrooms will be open for emergencies and set according to the Covid-19 regulations. Service will only be one hour, thus limiting the need to visit the ablutions. We ask you to please avoid the use of any public area.

Question 8. Will service still be streamed online?

Answer: Yes, the one hour service will be livestreamed on Facebook and YouTube.

We are absolutely elated that we can gather together again!

We love and appreciate each and every one of you dearly and are grateful for your commitment, faithful prayer, serving, generous giving, and for supporting our Online services. Thank you for reaching out and caring for one another - we’re so proud of your beautiful example in Christ Jesus.

Remember, this too shall pass!


Much love and Stay safe,

Apostle Johny & Patricia Grobler

 55 Grays Inn Road, Bluff, Durban, KZN 4052 |  

+27 (031) 467-0457

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