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Meet our pastors and elders

Durban Christian Centre is a city church and  is so proud to be a part of the MANY amazing church campuses in different locations in around the city. We believe that God created every one of us to be in community. This might be your place! If it’s not, let us help you find a location where you can grow and thrive!

There are two things that you need to know up front: 

First, we are a community of real people seeking after God with all our heart. We will disappoint you at some point. If you are looking for perfect, we aren’t it. But the good news is that you aren’t perfect either so you will fit right in! God intended for us to live in intentional community, learning and growing together. So, on your good days and in your successful moments we will cheer with you. In your bad moments, we will encourage you and help you get back up. Crying, laughing, loving, celebrating, mourning, and repenting are all community activities. So, don’t suffer or succeed alone! We want to truly do life with YOU!

Second, you need to know that we will put you to work! This is an active community of people seeking to impact the world. It doesn’t matter what your talent is, there is a way for it to be used to build the Kingdom of God! There is a hurting world out there that needs us to be Jesus not just on the weekends, but everyday. To meet the real needs around us, everyone has to work together. The great news is when we all do our part and God does what only He can do, miracles tend to happen. Believe me, we’ve seen them! Addicts set free, marriages restored, homeless people now in homes, hungry families fed, and retirees given new purpose and mission. For every face you see, there is a story, a God-story. And if you stick around long enough and choose to use your talents for the kingdom, you will be a part of many of those miracle moments and God stories.

In sum, welcome to the community! We are so glad that you are here!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or one of out friendly elders below to help you in any way we can. 

our pastors:
Ps Johny & Patricia

Senior Pastor

Ps Shane & Maresce

Pastors oversighting Wentworth


Vernon and Lorinda

Bluff Area Elders

Marine Drive Area

Benji and Yvonne

Wentworth Area Elders

Central Wentworth

Jonathan and Kogie

Bluff Area Elder

Yellowwood park  Area

Neville and Desiree

Wentworth Area Elder

Wentworth North

Willem and Marthina
Van Der Venter

Bluff Area Elders, 

Children's Church and Youth

Danny and Versantha

Bluff Area Elder

Chatsworth Area

Adam and Lorraine
Kevin and Priya
Morris and Daisy

Bluff Area Elders

Treasure Beach Area 

Bluff Area Elder

Wentworth Area

Bluff Area Elder

Isipingo Area

Vernon and Rita 

Bluff Area Elder

Merebank Area